Limited Edition Holiday Designs

Christmas Designs

Winter Sweater

Keep it warm and classy with these holiday socks celebrating winter time.

Merry Catmas

The arch enemy of the Christmas Tree: The Cat.

Sweater Red

Ugly Sweater with reindeer.

Santa Snacks

Cookies and booze. That's how you do Santa right. Show the big guy some love.


Off season Santa. The real reason he is so jolly. Writing on foot bottom says "Sleigh ALL DAY". Yeah baller.


Ugly sweater sock with cockroaches. Why? Because who else is going to eat the Twinkies after a nuclear fallout?

 Santa Jig

Ask your mom if I’m real.

Santa Snacks

All bow to the benevolent northern world King of Christmas!

Ride Merry

Get on your bikes and ride!

Sweater Blue

Ugly Sweater with aliens and space.

Santa Sqautch

The ever elusive Santa Squatch is what makes this time of year special.


Ugly sweater sock with green skull in a Santa hat. What more could you ask for? Show off your holiday pride you silly little freak.


Beware of the Christmas Shark!