SGX Trailhead New School 7"

  • Cuff Height : 7"
  • Made with : PolyPro
  • Style : Trailhead; Padded
  • Availability: In stock
Introducing the most extra performance sock you’ve ever worn. Compression-style cuff to fight leg fatigue, padded foot for added protection and comfort, and multiple sources of air flow to keep your feet dry and cozy. These grey SGX Trailhead crew socks are designed to LUV any foot exactly as it needs. New school technology paired with old school tube sock stripes - so you’ll never be out of style.

Product Features:
• Compression-style cuff fights leg fatigue and never falls down.
• Double-stitched nylon heel & toe for durability and longevity.
• Padded foot and ankle for extra protection and comfort.
• Off-beat, original designs only SockGuy can provide!
• Arch support so they stay put on your foot.
• Mesh upper for ultimate airflow.
• Unique Stretch-to-Fit sizing system for a PERFECT FIT on a wide-range of foot sizes.
• The thinnest, most durable, moisture-wicking polypro base to keep feet cool and blister-free.