Bevy socks

Bevy socks

Bevy is one of our all-time best-sellers. And why not? It has a beer mug on it!

  • Cuff Height : 3"
  • Made with : Micro Denier Acrylic
  • Style : Flat knit
  • Tagline : "BEER. Now There's a Temporary Solution! - Homer Simpson
  • Availability: In stock

Our Bevy socks are black and feature a beautiful foaming beer mug on the cuff. They say “BEER. Now There's a Temporary Solution! - Homer Simpson” on the bottom. Our most popular Classic socks feature off-beat, original designs that appeal to a broad range of athletes, from professionals to weekend warriors to multi-sport enthusiasts who like to have unique socks to match their personality and attitude.

Our Classic socks feature:

• Superior softness and comfort that helps eliminate blisters and hot spots

• Mesh upper for supreme air flow

• Double-stitched heel and toe for strength and durability

“I wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your company. I’ve been a long time buyer of your AWESOME socks and can’t imagine buying anything else.”- Matt England